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7 Proven Ways to Secure Your Website


A website is the face of the business on the Internet. One can’t neglect the significance of safeguarding the image of the site. Well, if you ignore the security aspects, it can lead to unwanted situations. On the virtual world, there are hackers who have nothing good in their mind and this can ruin your website or business image. A site can be hacked in a matter of few seconds and your data can go into the hands of hackers. After this, the situation can get worse as Google might penalize your web pages and removes from its listing. To avoid such awkward scenario, it becomes inevitable to take necessary steps as soon as possible.

Here are the seven effective steps in securing your website:-

1. Web script update: A small bug in the web script exposes the risk of getting into the eyes of hackers. Make sure to upgrade your web script as soon it is released to get rid of the bugs. Irrespective of the new features or not, consistent web script update is the need of hour.

2. Limit access to Admin Pages: Use the robots_txt file to prevent the search engines from indexing the admin pages. Once the admin pages are not listed, ultimately it makes the job hackers even tougher to be successful in their malicious attempt.

3. Security apps: Never run away from investing in the paid as well as free security applications. Basically, it acts as an additional level of security to lessen the chances of being vulnerable to hacking activities. Many virtual casino websites resort to security applications. As a result, the online casino websites are 100% safe and secure, tested, reviewed and ranked higher in search engines.

4. Strong passwords: Have passwords with close to 10 characters and consisting of both upper along with lower cases to increases the security of a website. This should be given an utmost important.

5. Get rid of installation folder: After the installation process is completed, there is a need to delete the installer folder from the system. Another way to limit the access to this folder in the hands of hacker is by renaming the folder.

6. Site backup: Another viable option is to consider the automate website backup service. It enables to continuously back up the confidential data in the most convenient and safe way.

7. Use HTTPS: HTTPS is rated to be the most secure way of creating an encrypted link between your website and web browser. Especially in the E-Commerce sector, this is highly recommended for smooth payments and business operations.

Use the methods to keep a website protected and maintain your online reputation to establish a strong presence on the virtual world.

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