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9 Things To Consider Before Developing Your Website

9 Things To Consider Before Developing Your Website

Everybody knows the importance of website is the main thing which you need to focus whether it is any business. Website provides you online presence to your business and help you to promote your service as well as product also visitors get detailed idea about your business.

Since Website is the main tool, Every businessman or web developer wanted to attract more traffic to their website for more conversion. And more interesting content, design attracts visitors and in result they may convert into your potential customers. For that purpose you need to consider few important things while developing your own website.

To help you in web development we thought we should make a list so that any beginner do not miss this important points, Hence we made a list of  9 Things To Consider Before Developing Your Website.

  1. Choose Appropriate Domain:

    choose appropriate domain - techcutt

So, From here this list starts. You should never neglect this point. Because you can not change the domain name once it registered. And Domain name is the identity of any business. That’s why  choose a name that people can remember well and choose wisely (and appropriately) whether you will use .com, .net or something else.

Another point to consider is the domain age. If you purchase a domain name that is older, it can often come with major SEO benefits. The fact is that an older domain may have pre-existing traffic, Backlinks, or even Alexa Ranking. Buying an older domain name is a great way to boost your SERP rankings in a short time.

    2. Is Your Site Mobile – Friendly?

Is your website mobile - friendly? - techcutt

Now a days more than 60% people uses internet from mobile devices only. Hence it is very important to make your website fully responsive in-terms of Font size, touch experience, Proper media usability etc. Hence, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.  If your site is unreadable or otherwise unusable on mobile, you risk losing significant audience, as well as authority signals in the eyes of Google. Consider a redesign, or even purchasing a mobile version of the site.

     3. Neat and Clean website Design:


Neat and Clean Design is as important as mobile friendly. Because if any visitor visits your website and your design is not proper at this case this user will bounced and will not come again and also not consider your website for future use. Hence Website design is very important so that visitors will keep exploring website easily.

    4. Is Your Website SEO-Conscious?



None of every visitor directly land to your website. Ignoring to SEO means to loose chance of visitors that could have converted into potential customers. SEO has emerged as a important aspect of every website also become an unavoidable part of running a brand’s online presence. Keeping a strong collection of backlinks, using keywords and commonly searched phrases in your content, plus adding and keeping your links active are just a few ways to keep your site search-friendly. With a bit of work, you’ll be welcoming brand new guests in no time.

       5. Minify and Proper use of Coding:



Unnecessary or excessive use of code affects the speed and SEO of the website also affects on search engine ranking. For that purpose you need to very selective while using coding and align it properly also use to minify and beautify coding after complete the coding work.

    6. Use of Attractive Layout & Color:


Color affects the “feel” of your site. Neat layout is always preferred. Don’t forget about footer too!

    7. Cross Browser Compatibility:


A good website has to be able to be viewed properly in all types of modern browser example, Google chrome, Mozilla, Safari, opera etc.

    8. Good and Informative Content:


Your website has to provide a good and informative content to the users. Target certain keywords to rank high in a search engines. The type of content like language, picture, video etc. have influence of how fast or how slow that website will load.

    9. Easy Navigation:


Users can easily find what they are looking for.

This are the most important things you should consider while web development. If you want hassle-free web development service, let our expert care about your website with 100% work satisfaction.