• Right from the inception of the film industry in India the light equipment supplier has played the most important role in the making of all the serials, films and AD’s today, equipment supplier is a person who lights up the entire set according to the cameramen’s and producers requirement without which no scenes would have been filmed and to protect the rights of equipment supplier ACTES  has been formed.

    In the yester years, the film studios were the only film producing institutions. Then there was the revolution as many equipment supplier thronged the industry. Thus, all the technicians of the film industry thought of looking forward to professional respect & security. Within no time, some of the crafts started forming their own crafts Associations.

    Hence the equipment supplier also took the initiative to have their own individual identity and they formed the ASSOCIATION OF CINE AND TV EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS in 2011 which is now the ASSOCIATION OF CINE AND TV EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.