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eCommerce - Techcutt.com

eCommerce is a type of industry where commerce conducted over electronic system. Online buying and selling product, services and expertise consist of eCommerce. This type of business has already strengthened its root in the world of internet and the user base performing eCommerce has been substantially increased within last decade.
This trend of business has already outdated traditional way of business which has compelled many traditional businesses to jump in the virtual business world.

There are two types of distribution channel for eCommerce industry.

  1. ‘Pure-click’
  2. ‘Click-and-brick’

If any new company launches without previous experience as a firm then it is known as ‘pure click’ but when already running firm want to upgrade its market to eCommerce the

n it is known as ‘click-and-brick’.

If you are interested to launch eCom
tforms among which Magento and Opencart are one of the promising eCommerce platform and we at Techcutt.com have highly skilled developers to reach your project where you have desired to be.merce website then Techcutt.com can surely help you to achieve your target. There are many famous open source ecommerce pla

Let’s take a look over these two platforms one by one to acquaint ourselves with these eCommerce systems.


1. Magento is open source it mean its

code is public and anyone who is willing to use it can access it.

2. Magento is highly customisab

le having long list of features include SEO, customer segmentation, powerful search capabilities, flexible product catalog, scalability, security , multiple store front, discount code, built in seo features, customer management features and many more

3. Magento is designed for SEO (search engine optimization). It provides URL rewriting, Meta data field, google site map management etc.

4. It has global outreach with all major countries with commerce in their local currency. Magento can support over 200 payment systems.

5. Magento is certainly best option for big ecommerce website.


1. Opencart is easy to install eCommerce platform let users to select template, add products and start business within an instant.

2. Opencart can do magic to start ups with minimum investment and maximum output.

3. Vast array of developer and huge information on internet makes Opencart more promising. There are thousands of Opencart extensions and most of them are reasonably priced.

4. Opencart come up with more accessible documentation and free lifetime support.

5. Lightweight platform, less resource consuming which is less demanding and more rewarding.

We have done enough work. Now it’s your turn to choose eCommerce platform according to your need. Techcutt.com will serve you in every possible way to accomplish best result.

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